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11 iPad mini 3 cases you'll love

Apple has launched a new iPad mini (iPad mini 3) and still offers the previous two generations of the smaller tablet (iPad mini 2 and original iPad mini) at lower price points. If you're thinking about buying a new iPad mini, or if you've already got your hands on one, you'll probably want to protect it with a case or cover. Here's our round up cases for the iPad mini 1, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3.

The iPad mini's dimensions have only fractionally changed through the generations, so all of the cases listed here should fit all three iPad mini models.

Apple sells the official Smart Cover for the iPad mini, which is a miniature version of the full-size iPad's Smart Cover that protects the front of the iPad and acts as a handy stand. It's available in the same colours: black, white, pink, yellow, blue, green and red. The price is also the same at £29, and it attaches with powerful magnets, and can wake and sleep the iPad mini automatically.

Apple Smart Case - £55

The iPad mini Smart Case has the same front as the Smart Cover but also protects the back of the iPad. It costs £55 because it's made with leather rather than the polyurethane Smart Cover, and is available in black, red, blue, brown or beige.

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We'll add to the selection below as we come across more iPad mini covers, cases and sleeves

Belkin Slim Style cover for iPad mini - £35
As the name suggests, this iPad mini case from Belkin has protective corners to keep the tablet in place, magnets to secure the case shut when not in use, and a soft inner lining to protect the screen from scratches. The cover can be used as an adjustable stand, positioned in various angles thanks to rubberised feet on the frame and a grippy inner lining.

Belkin's Slim Style Cover comes in Azalea/Fiesta, Blacktop/Gravel and Stone/Cyan colour options.

Griffin TurnFolio for iPad mini - £35

This particularly practical TurnFolio iPad mini case has a folio design, so it opens like a notebook and the iPad slots into a protective frame that holds it in place. Flip the cover over and it is capable of holding your iPad mini into landscape or portrait mode for a four-position workstand. The entire frame surrounding the iPad mini is removable too. There are cutouts for all ports, buttons and cameras, and it's available in a range of colours and designs.

Griffin IntelliCase for iPad mini - £35
A combination of a polycarbonate rear shell and a TPU cover, the IntelliCase provides protection in a slim package for your iPad mini. Magnets in the cover wake and sleep the tablet when it's opened and closed, and also provides two stand positions: for typing and FaceTime calls, or watching videos. It's available in red ordigital camo (blue/grey) .

Griffin Survivor for iPad mini - £50
If you need to keep your iPad safe from harm mini in harsh conditions, the Survivor All-Terrain should be a good option. As with other cases in the Survivor range, the iPad mini version has a Shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame over the which is a shock-absorbing silicone bumper. There's Also a built-in screen protector and ports are covered, keeping out dirt and rain. A huge variety of colors will be available to suit your taste, and Griffin has made ​​many of the models compatible with the Touch ID so the make sure you check that when you're choosing the which color option to go for if you own an iPad mini 3.

Proporta iPad Mini Back Shell - £ 15
We're not too surprised to see a smartphone-style shell cases available for the iPad mini, and Proporta's are some of Reviews those. Reviews These plastic slim cases cover the rear and sides, protection without adding too much bulk or weight.

Currently, there's a choice of pink, blue, purple or white.

Barbour Quilted Mini iPad case - £ 55
Proporta has teamed up with Barbour to bring the famous brand to the iPad mini with its Barbour Quilted case . It protects the front and back of the tablet with a folio design, and it offers two stand angles. Barbour-lovers will be pleased to see the quilted exterior of this iPad mini case, the which comes in a terracotta color.

Cygnett Armour case for iPad mini - £ 30

Cygnett's Armour case for the iPad mini grips the tablet with six 'hooks' but has a foldable rear panel of the which allows the edge to rest on the inside of the front cover in an upright position for watching videos or making video calls as well as other angles . It's also available in purple
Cygnett Slim Folding Enigma case - £ 24.95
Cygnett's Enigma Slim case has a clever folding origami-style front cover that allows you to stand the iPad mini in various different positions. It has a soft, rubberised exterior and microfiber interior, and there's access to all ports and functions. This case comes in blue or pink color options, too.

Case-mate Tuxedo for iPad mini - £ 25
We've seen the full-size iPad version of the Tuxedo , and it's much like Apple's own Smart Cover. However, it extends around the rear of the iPad mini, and is attached with a super-strong adhesive tape (the which leaves no residue when removed).

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